Project Credits


Project Credits

Configuring Disciplines, presented in the University Art Gallery between September 5 and October 5, 2014, was a collaborative exhibition project based on research by students in the Department of History of Art and Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh. The exhibition emerged from a combined graduate and undergraduate seminar taught in Spring 2014 by Professors Drew Armstrong and Josh Ellenbogen, and devoted to the theme “visual knowledge.”  Graduate and undergraduate students in the course worked together to explore how visual materials shape disciplinary pursuits through examination and analysis of art works, illustrated atlases, encyclopedias, scientific treatises, and other volumes and objects housed in rich collections in and beyond the city of Pittsburgh.

Web Team
Alison Langmead, Director of the Visual Media Workshop (VMW) and Assistant Professor in the School of Information Sciences
Drew Armstrong, Director of Architectural Studies and Associate Professor
Aisling Quigley, Graduate Research Assistant at the VMW
Daniel Goodstein, Undergraduate Technologist at the VMW

Exhibition Team
Drew Armstrong, Director of Architectural Studies and Associate Professor and Faculty Curator
Isabelle Chartier, Curator of the University Art Gallery / Adviser
Josh Ellenbogen, Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor
Annika Johnson, Graduate Assistant
Meghan Hipple, Undergraduate Assistant

Graduate Student Collaborators
Maria Castro, Researcher and Author
Nicole Coffineau, Researcher and Author
Rae Di Cicco, Researcher and Author
Jennifer Donnelly, Researcher and Author
Kylie Jasinski, Researcher and Author
Annika Johnson, Researcher and Author
Isaac King, Researcher and Author
Maeva Mateos, Researcher and Author
Allison McCann, Researcher and Author
Colleen O'Reilly, Researcher and Author
Nicole Scalissi, Researcher and Author

Undergraduate Student Collaborators
Meghan Hipple, Researcher and Author
Kelsey Kresse, Researcher
Stephanie Selya, Researcher
Elana Williams, Researcher
Krista Wright, Researcher

The Andy Warhol Museum
Carnegie Mellon University Architecture Archives
Carnegie Museum of Art
Falk Library of the Health Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
Frick Fine Arts Library, University of Pittsburgh
Hillman Special Collections, University of Pittsburgh
Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie Mellon University
National Library of Medicine
William R. Oliver Special Collections Room, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Exhibition Partners
Central Research Development Fund, Small Grants Program, Office of Research, University of Pittsburgh, 2014
The Department of the History of Art and Architecture, University of Pittsburgh, particularly Barbara McCloskey, Linda Hicks, Veronica Gazdik
The University of Pittsburgh Library System, and particularly Rush Miller, Michael Dabrishus, Jeanann Croft Haas, Kate Joranson, Ed Galloway, Lauren Murphy, Miranda Nixon, and Marcia Rostek
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pittsburgh
Facilities Management, University of Pittsburgh
The Frick Art and Historical Center
Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
Wendy Bennett, Conservation Consultant
Duncan MacDiarmid, Installation
Elizabeth Surh, Framing
Michael McSorley, Installation
Rose Savage, Design