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Joanna Harlacher and Dr. Chase Mendenhall, Assistant Curator, Birds with the Guerilla Girl’s Posters Featured in the Carnegie Museum of Art


Women Behaving Badly (in Science)

Museum Studies Intern at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History – Fall 2019

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New Ways of Researching

Working on a humanities research project has proved to be challenging in ways I had not expected. Choosing a topic to study was simple with the guidance of my project advisor. I have pursued learning about the life and work of Maria Sibylla Merian. Merian was an entomologist and artist from the late 1600s. She made tremendous strides for the understanding of insects, ecosystems, and metamorphosis at the time when most believed in spontaneous generation.

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My Struggles While Completing Humanities Research

This semester, I have been working with the Visual Media Workshop (VMW) at the University of Pittsburgh to get hands-on experience doing research. I have been contributing to the Itinera database created by the VMW. The database displays travelers of the past, their locations, and the relationships they made along the way. Throughout my first experience in research project (FER), I have faced many obstacles many of which pertain to doing research outside of a STEM field.  

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