The Beginning of the End


The Beginning of the End

This is my last time in lab before our presentations next Thursday.  (Everyone should totally come to the WPU Assembly Room to see all of the FER presentations on 4/17 from 4:30-6!)  It's really weird to think that today might have been my last time logging into Itinera.  My freshman year is ending, and it's overall just a really weird feeling.  It's even worse when I think about how I will be in Tanzania in a month and France in a year.  Everyone says college moves so fast and its so true.  Maybe that's true because the summer starts in April...

Regardless, I have learned so much from working with Alison and Alex in the VMW.  I've learned so much about the digital humanities and history.  I never really thought about how people write history, a conversation Alex and I had today, or what research really is until I stepped into this lab.  I learned a lot about what specifically is data and the many ways it can be inputted.  I, of course, learned about the Grand Tour, but I am also leaving with tons of "transferrable skills," as Dr. Streeter put it.  Overall, this has been such a great experience, and I'm glad I cam to this lab.  Hearing my friends' horror stories from other labs, especially science related ones, I'm ecstatic that I was lucky enough to particpate to fully in the project.  I can't believe that this, and my freshman year, are ending--it's been great!

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It was a joy to work with you

It was a joy to work with you too, Marybeth. Thank you so much for all you have given back to us and for participating so fully in this encounter! We hope to see you back...