"Digital Art Historian's Toolkit" from UCLA and The Getty

Image of an Optical Toy

https://flic.kr/p/fqFKH9. Image from the The Laura Hayes and John Wileman collection of pre-20th century optical toys and illusionary devices. Donated to the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics by Dr. Ralph Wileman. To learn more about this collection visit www.dlt.ncssm.edu/collections/toys/.


"Digital Art Historian's Toolkit" from UCLA and The Getty

This summer has seen any number of "digital art history" institutes going on, from Middlebury to UCLA. Miriam Posner, from UCLA, has just posted a very nice summary of current tools that might be of interest to any or all of you http://www.humanities.ucla.edu/getty/index.php/resources/the-digital-art-historians-toolkit/!

  • Agency
  • Visual Knowledge
  • Faculty Work
  • VMW


Thanks for posting -- these

Thanks for posting -- these are great resources, and the 3D tools may be especially useful for the reconstructions of modern mural sites that Gordon and Angelica are continuing to develop.