Getting Started with "Digital:" A View from Three Others


Getting Started with "Digital:" A View from Three Others

I am asked many questions on a weekly basis about what it takes to start using digital methods in the humanities. I enjoy answering the questions, but often feel frustrated by my inability to convey precisely what is needed. In many ways, "doing DH" is something you can hear about, but you sort of also have to experience it to understand--just like writing an essay changes how you view your topic, so goes using the analytic power of digital computing. Brian Croxall recently wrote a post in which he expresses similar excitement and misgivings and also gave links to two other excellent posts on the subject. So, here they are, in easy clicking order for you:

Brian Croxall, "'Help, I Want to Do DH!'"

Lisa Spiro, "Getting Started in Digital Humanities,"

Paige Morgan, "How to Get a Digital Humanities Project off the Ground,"

I'll edit this post over time, should I run across more...

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