Introduction and Goals


Introduction and Goals


My name is Victoria Johngrass, and I am a freshman working in accordance with the Office of First Experience in Research with Dr. Drew Armstrong and Lily Brewer. As I joined the project late, there will be a lot of catching up to do, but I am eager to contribute to this. With my intended major of biology, the project of categorizing the archaeologists in quarries in France in 1678 and documenting their “tour” into Itinera is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I am interested to see what direction it takes me in. Thankfully, my other intended major of French will assist in reading and comprehending the documents provided.

This project is extremely out of the box for me, but I intend to relate it to my scientific discipline. To do this, I will analyze patterns and process, and I will try to look at the linearity of the travellers routes. How are different architects connected? When and where do their paths cross? How did their travels evolve and what did they influence? These are the questions I hope my research with this project will answer, and I hope this project will also provide to me a greater understanding of the digital humanities and their importance in today’s society.

What I hope to get out of my experience in this lab is an understanding of the research process, gathering and inputting data, as well as forming connections. While this is a pretty general idea of what takes place in a research lab, I feel as though it can also be applied to what I wish to do with my own research in the field of Biology. I also hope this project helps me to grow as a student and expand my horizons, as I have already looked into a few Art History courses since meeting Drew and Lily.

I will keep this blog updated with my findings and progress throughout the semester.

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