Meghan Hipple


Meghan Hipple

Meghan is a graduating senior majoring in the History of Art and Architecture and minoring in Museum Studies. In the past, she has been the recipient of Honors College’s Brackenridge Summer Research Fellowship and the Office of Undergraduate Research’s Summer Research Award. Last semester, Meghan studied abroad in London at Richmond University where she took classes on film and visual culture.

Meghan is interested in how different medias affect a viewer’s understanding and relationship with images. She is interested in digital media and contemporary film and television and how different kinds of screens and digitization change how we relate to images. She is also interested in the effects of social media, like Instagram, Tumblr and Ello in how we manipulate and exhibit images. Currently, she is working on an Honors Thesis that mixes these interests with her concern with environmental issues.

At HAAARCH, she will talk about how viewer relationships with American landscape imagery in contemporary televisual representation is tied to how American landscape paintings and panoramas were experienced in the 19th century. It is a project that brings together spectator theory and apparatus theory with her interest in discourse and knowledge formation.

After graduation in May, Meghan will work in the Education Department at the Carnegie Museum of Art as a Camp Instructor, sharing her passion for art, museums and teaching with students of different ages. In the future, she plans to pursue her PhD in Visual Culture Studies.


  • HAAARCH!!! 2016
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