A Mural of Many Names


A Mural of Many Names

One wouldn't think that when searching for images that a singular word could make a difference in the search results---but it does.  Mexico of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow was how I first learned the name of Diego Rivera's mural in the Palacio Nacional of Mexico City.  However, my results in ArtStor were quite limited with that title. So I tried "Diego Rivera" which brought an overwhelming number of results and then I added the dates of the mural's construction to the search bar.  I finally came upon an image showing a panel of the mural and it was titled History of Mexico.  After searching that title, I found more results, some of them being preliminary sketches of Rivera's which had the title History of Mexico: From the Conquest to the Future.  Each title I searched brought about different results even though the titles were for the same mural. Finding the images to work with was half the battle due to the immensity of this work and the architectural structures that frame it.  Recently, I have been working with separate images in SketchUp to get an understanding of the shape of the building and the staircase to see how I should go about making a 3D model.  

  • Undergraduate Work
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Yes, this is a mural of many

Yes, this is a mural of many names, indeed -- looks and sounds like you're making great progress!