Carnegie Museum of Art

Creation and Organization of an Archive

Museum Studies Intern at the Carnegie Museum of Art - Spring 2017

In the undocumented archives of the Carnegie Museum of Art’s Photography and Contemporary Art library, there was a book titled, simply, Holy Bible. Looking identical to the actual Holy Bible, this artist book by Oliver Chanaren and Adam Broomberg was almost put into the discard bin to be sold.  Luckily my supervisor and her associate realized it was a rare artist book, and we added it to the CMOA collection. For the remaining year I continued to expand this library collection with many interesting readings.

Timing and tracking at the Carnegie Museum of Art

Museum Studies Intern at the Carnegie Museum of Art - Fall 2017

Think about your favorite museum. What immediately catches your attention? Which attractions—whether an artwork, a specific exhibit, an interactive activity—do you always make sure to see? Are there ones that don’t interest you, ones you tend to skip over?