Guided tours

  • Vittore Carpaccio, Arrival of the Ambassadors

    Vittore Carpaccio, Arrival of the Ambassadors, 1498, oil on canvas, 275 x 589 cm, Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice, Italy.


    Guided Tours of the Lochoff Cloister

    Since September 2013, undergraduate educators at the UAG have been offering free guided tours of the Nicholas Lochoff paintings in the Frick Fine Arts Building. In the Fall semester, educators talked about the Lochoff paintings in terms of conservation and preservation, and linked their tour to the gallery exhibition "ReDiscover: the Collection Revealed". This semester, the tours offer a different approach. One educator is even offering a tour in Mandarin-Chinese! This is a whole new way to look at the Lochoff paintings and think about how they fit within our building!

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